Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Unlocked Door of our Solitary Confinement

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Where am I in all this writing?  I fear I am at the center.

How does one take the little self out of the center of one’s thoughts? 

Obviously one must fill the consciousness with something else.

Consciousness will role on, will incessantly fill the mind, thoughts and ideas and perspectives and imaginations and dreams and views will flow and fill and overflow.

One starts with the little self as the only reference for thought.  The little self fills all awareness and reference and perspective.  This will remain so until

Monday, December 26, 2016


Oh the joys of contemplative prayer.  Oh the touch of Reality.

Oh the blindness.

The mind insists it cannot see the future.

The mind insists it cannot know what to do.

The mind feels itself encased in corporeal form.

Inputs from that corporeal form, transitory and illusory,

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Coalescing Confluence of Circumstance

Copyright 2016 Don Ray
Coalescing confluence of circumstance: isn’t that what leads much of our lives?...that and disruptive shocks.

Is it really unreasonable …….to perceive our lives as being led?  We rebel against the notion, insisting we are in control.  But honest assessment of our personal histories usually reveals conscious choice played a bit part compared to the coalescing confluence.

The tides and currents and waves are out of our control, and there is great peace to be had in admitting that.

Our capacity, and our responsibility, lies in our choice as to which tides we will feel, which currents we will allow to touch us.  Before the coalescing confluence places opportunity before us, we have chosen if we are open to opportunities for profit or personal growth, for power or passionate service.

Do not delude yourself

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Evolution Within the Revolution

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Watching my computer screen dance as a McAfee technician in India works on my computer.  Day nine (?) of the computer saga. 
What is this strange new way of being?!  We insert just enough familiar words in our digital lexicon to give an impression that this is of our own creation and control.
So now we watch bits of information flicker across our screen, for the moment still deigning to communicate in cryptic collections of runes that allow some rudimentary illusion of our control…..for now.
It is so easy to just sit and watch them flicker, while across our thoughts flickers a nascent awareness that they are watching us.
We are learning to live in a world where

Monday, December 19, 2016


Copyright 2016 Don Ray
The worst of humanity,

the best of humanity,

both appearing at the most unexpected times.

Always dangerous, these potential children of God.

At the drop of a hat they can bring a tear to your eye,

a tear of pain or a tear of joy.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Flickering Faith

Our faith
like the candle flame,
flickers in the terror filled storms of world’s dark night.

Our faith,
like the candle flame,
endures to set the world alight.

Written 14 December 2012 on the evening of the Newtown school shooting.  Rediscovered on the 2016 anniversary after a year in which the president elect of the United States has complemented the radio personality that promoted the theory that the shooting was a hoax. 
Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Friday, December 16, 2016


Copyright 2016 Don Ray


person to person,


oft unseen.

Do not pretend you have no role.

Do not pretend every word does not matter.

The speeches and grandiose proclamations may not matter,

for they are of the world, for the world, in the world.

But a word, a gesture, an attitude, an expression,

the countless ways that your soul is nakedly revealed,

there is the influence.

Persona and policies are transient and ephemeral.

But the touch cold or warm,

the word cruel or caring,

there your life loudly echoes through eternity.

Your influence,

seen in a little child’s eyes

made brighter or dimmer

in the wake of your passing.
Copyright 2016 Don Ray
If touched, encouraged, inspired, or changed, please pass it on.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Breeze of Mystery

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Pure poetry, of course we need pure poetry.

To capture the Mystery prose does not suffice.

We understand too little,

comprehend too little

to make a pretense of describing or explaining in prose.

Let words and music twist and contort in irrational patterns

in the struggle to touch a heart, to assure

Friday, December 2, 2016

Dark Matter and the Light of Love

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

Human society is a chaos of suffering and misery and injustice and violence.  This is in direct analogy to the violent universe around us.

In the universe darkness and violent collisions and explosions and chaos have led to the ignition of fusion in stars.  The dark universe became filled with light and eventually, out of collisions and catastrophe, on at least one planet the violence led to ignition of life.

So too in the ongoing evolution of life and humanity, violence – collisions – catastrophe – and cruelty provide the chaos analogous to the chaos of the universe.  Just as fusion can ignite in individual stars and life ignite on the fetid surface of a young planet, out of social and societal chaos and disaster, individual Love can ignite. 

Why should it be so? …..that

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Machine Mirrors

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

There is something profound in how much time we spend staring at screens.  I just read we spend ten (or was it fourteen?) hours in front of a screen every day - a glowing screen!  What has happened to us?!
How we crave that modicum of information that appears on that flat surface!  How we try to implement our will through a keyboard!
Is this a stable situation?  Can humanity endure such a radical, drastic, fundamental, and rapid change? 
There is ample evidence that we have used the screens to help us sink into

Friday, February 26, 2016

Syrian ceasefire

As of this edit, one hour and nine minutes ago a ceasefire was supposed to start in Syria, after five years of horror.

What are fighters in Syria thinking right now?  Dear God, sitting in the dark, wondering what will happen I a few minutes.  It is unimaginable.
Are some planning a surprise strike?  Do any dare to imagine the possibility that no one will be shooting at them tomorrow morning?
Are commanders preparing them for a brief lull, using the opportunity to rebuild and restock?  Are some commanders touting the real prospects and hopefulness of  a ceasefire?
What is happening in the dark houses and holes and buildings and bunkers?  Are many simply sleeping, letting the morning tell them whether “ceasefire” was just a dream?