Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The threat of the refugee crisis.

Many of us would like to think this nation is still a nation of courage and compassion, the “home of the brave”, the “good guys”.
But today’s political campaign has become a contest of cowardice, each candidate trying to show how scared they are of Daesh* and children and families from foreign places. (* Daesh is a pejorative Arabic term for ISIL/ISIS.  I will not use the latter terms because Daesh does not deserve to be referred to as Islamic or as a state.)
Frightened politicians

Impact of refugees

Impact of refugees
On only rare occasions do we safe and well fed actually have to face the injustice, to look into the refugee’s eyes, to see the child being carried by a parent escaping war.  On only rare occasions do we get to ask, have to ask, what will we do for that person, for that child, for that parent.  Often as not we find no satisfactory answer, and we leave the desperate masses on the bridge or shore or sidewalk or shelter, while we return to our comfortable hotel room or home. 
But God help us