Saturday, January 21, 2017

Digital Disruption

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Do these times not till the soil to plant seeds of reassurance? 

The digital disruption has unleashed the worst of human nature and created levels of illusion and delusion and detachment never before experienced.

Never have people been so compelled and even coerced to look happier.

Never have people felt so lost and alone.

A pandemic of digital detachment has left us isolated from reality and each other.

Never have we had such opportunity for connection and communication.  Never have our connections and communication been so shallow and superficial.

We have created a societal sham when we need substance; we stand on shifting sand of fads and trends when we need foundations secure and solid.  The fog of the superficial hides the substance.  The glare of the shallow blinds us to solid reality. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Death of Personal Growth

Copyright 2017 Don Ray

Prodding people to personal growth.  Now there is a thankless task!...and often as not a hopeless task.
Yet the growth happens, by confluence of pain and shock and disruption, somehow the personal growth happens.
We survive.  We go on, blindly of course.  And somehow personal growth happens.
Not for everyone, not smoothly, not predictably, and certainly not voluntarily.
How simple it should be!  Simply be open to wisdom, seek and absorb all the wisdom you can, objectively weigh conflicting claims, and ferret out the wheat from the chaff.