Friday, December 18, 2015

Why Is Prayer a Pain?

Copyright Don Ray 2015
Should prayer be difficult?
Shouldn’t contemplative prayer, connecting with Source, be easy and natural?  If it is not easy, is it our fault?....or the fault of the  noisy world?
Shouldn’t contemplative prayer be the best part of the day, the wonderful and desirable escape to Reality and peace and healing from the day’s maelstrom of demands and madness?
And shouldn’t God and the loving Spirit and the Christos be readily available, responding to our summoning?
Yet contemplative prayer is not easy, not automatic, not simple.
Rote and recited prayer seems too easy.  Mumble or read or project the words, scripted or impromptu, and you have submitted your invoice to God.
But contemplative prayer?......listening as well as talking?......not so easy.