Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Than Meat

Copyright 2015 Don Ray

Spiritual discussions:  don’t hear many of those in the workplace or locker room.  In fact, I do not recall many deeply personal spiritual discussions in church either.

In the modern, western world, “spiritual” discussion too often means nothing remotely personal, but more a political bludgeoning to convince the other person they are wrong.  Little wonder spiritual topics are taboo in polite company.  As for spiritual discussions in church and temple, what if your deeply personal spiritual experience is not exactly like everyone else’s, and worse, what if it is not in perfect lockstep alignment with authority and doctrine?!  No, church, temple, and mosque are no place for deeply intimate, spiritual expression.

Then there are various shamanic, new agey, ancient cum ultra-modern gatherings, but in those you better tow the line and not dare mention your traditional, doctrinal, monotheistic beliefs.

Meaningful, deep, complex, profound, open, personal, intimate, tolerant, welcome, accepting spiritual conversation….wow!….Wouldn’t that be great?!… talk about, and listen to, that which makes you more than meat?!