Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jesus' Despair

Copyright 2016 Don Ray

What was it like for Yeshu? ( or “Jesus” as pronounced in the United States for the last century or so)
My God, to have such a clear vision of the human condition, to so perspicaciously perceive the madness of human behavior and priorities, to discern our abject lack of awareness of evident consequences of our actions, surely there had to come a time when such realization brought Him to despair and hopelessness.
His teaching would not become popular.  The crowds disappeared.  No one understood.
Do we hear some of that hopeless resignation in His oft repeated query, “what do you want from me?”  To the blind and lepers and cripples He said this, a seemingly rhetorical question about the obvious, but after a lifetime of seeing humanity seek that which is patently destructive, unhealthy,